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In order to understand how the MROair solution is working we have created a simple FAQ that should help you to get started with the app and the dashboard.


1. What is the difference between the 3 views

Aircraft TA View -> Live progression view

Workorder view -> All work orders, option to delete work orders

Ground view -> Ground time, option to add aircraft manually + add work orders

2. I don’t see my workorders in Work order view!!

Before something is gone we need to check a few things.

Is the airport on the right Airportcode?
Did you try searching for the workorder number in the searchbar?


If these things don’t help, please fill in this form to let us know and we will get to it as soon as popssible.

FAQ missing pieces

3. My Airport is not in the list!!

Just let us know what you miss and we will add it as soon as possible.

FAQ missing pieces

4. How do I add an aircraft manually to a groundtime?

MROair uses Flightaware data to connect groundtime to aircraft atomatically. In the case that a groundtime is not automatically connected to an aircraft you can change it manually. This is done by pressing the airctaft-cin, at the right of every groundtime (groundtie view).

A pop-up will occur. Enter the a/c registration, press the magnifier-button and the right registration will be found. If correct, just press “save”.

5. How do I add new work order to a groundtime?

In Ground overview you will be able to see all aircraft that are scheduled to come in. This list is ordered by data en time of arrival.

On the right sde you will see two buttons. One is a clipboard-icon with a +-sign and the other is an aircraft-icon with a +-sign.

The Clipboard-icon is used to enter a new work order. just click it and a popup will appear like illustration.

Create work order

Aircraft specific: yes or no. Meaning, is this work order specifi for just this a/c or generic for this groundtime.

Title: Title of the work order. Used on every screen to locate the work order.

Description: Short description of the work order (i.e number of engineers, specific details on defect, stock or other info)

MHRS: Accumulated amount of manhours for the complete work order

Attachment: Add work orders, taskcards, AMM, FIm, MEL etc. so that engineer has all information at hos fingertips.

6. How do I edit groundtime?

When a/c are swapped, ground time changes. Click on the 3-dots on the right of the screen and three icons will appear.   Choose the icon (like illustration 1) in the middle and a new pup-up will appear (like illustration 2).
The only thing you need to change is the flight number and date of arrival/outgoing.

Incoming flight number: Add the flight numbers code

Date of arrival: Add the time of arrival

Outgoing flight unknown: If you don’t know the outgoing flight number (yet), check this box.

Outgoing flight number:Add the flight numbers code

Date of departure:Add the time of departure



Missing something? Just send us a quick note..

FAQ missing pieces
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