In order to understand how the MROair solution is working we have created a simple FAQ that should help you to get started with the app and the dashboard.


1. How to log-in into the app?

Fill in your username in the field on top and your password at the bottom field. Then press “Login” and you will enter the app.

If nothing happens, something could be wrong with either your username or password. Just get in touch with ons of our consultants or developers to fix this as soon as possible.




2. How to select an aircraft or a workorder?

At this screen you see all aircrafts related to the airport you have choosen. If you click on the right side of the dark-gray item, it will open and wou will be able to see all workorders related to that aircraft.

If you want to pick one, tab the button on the left side of the workorder item and you will notice that you avatar will appear on the right side.



3. What does the me/all toggle do?

It simply gives a list of alle aircrafts or just the ones you have selected. It is an easy way to filter the aircraft list.


4. How can I change the airport to find the right workorders?


In the left top corner of the screen you see the Airport code. If you click the code you will get a complete list of all airports. Once you have selected an airport you the aircrafts will be filtered to that specific airport.

5. How do I start a work order?

When you click a aircraft you will see the work orders appear at th ebottom of the screen. When you want to start a workorder sclick the button on the right (like illustration)

A popup will appear that will ask if you want to start work order yes of no. If you click ‘Yes, start workorder’ it will go a step deeper and start the work order automatically. If you say ‘No’ it will only go a step deeper for you to be able to red the content of the work order.

6. How do I put a work order on-hold?

If, for any reason, a work order or Task card needs to be pu on-hold, click the blue button in the right corner (like illustration 1).

A pop-up will appear (like illustration 2) where you can fill in the in on-hold reason.


Example on-old reason:

  • Awaiting other skill
  • Awaiting documentation
  • Awaiting engineering/oem
  • Awaiting parts
  • Awaiting tools
  • Break
  • Go to other aircraft
  • Shift change


7. How do I complete a work order?

To finish a work order click the Complete button at the right bottom of the screen (like illustration 1). a popup will appear and show you few field to fill in (like illustration 2).

Action taken: Please write down what you did to execute the workorder and write in accordance with what AMM manual you performed the task.

Consumptions: Write down all material used, manhours performed so that everythng can be assigned to this work order and the right department/customer will be charged. Used the + sign to create more lines

Signature: Add your signature by writing within the boundries of the drawing pad

When done. Complete taskcard.

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