5. How do I add new work order to a groundtime?

In Ground overview you will be able to see all aircraft that are scheduled to come in. This list is ordered by data en time of arrival.

On the right sde you will see two buttons. One is a clipboard-icon with a +-sign and the other is an aircraft-icon with a +-sign.

The Clipboard-icon is used to enter a new work order. just click it and a popup will appear like illustration.

Create work order

Aircraft specific: yes or no. Meaning, is this work order specifi for just this a/c or generic for this groundtime.

Title: Title of the work order. Used on every screen to locate the work order.

Description: Short description of the work order (i.e number of engineers, specific details on defect, stock or other info)

MHRS: Accumulated amount of manhours for the complete work order

Attachment: Add work orders, taskcards, AMM, FIm, MEL etc. so that engineer has all information at hos fingertips.

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