How innovation can solve AME scarcity (video)

As MROair we have communicated a lot on paperless, maintenance scarcity and te need of change in MRO operations. At MRO Innovate in Orlando Florida (RSVP event with 5 innovative start-ups hosted by Aviation Week) we explained how we see that you can start to solve the issue of scarcity.

Menno Ouweneel laid down the problem, explained the need for change in attitude and the three steps how to start to solve this today:

  1. Paperless working: using a tablet to collect, complete and send work orders means not having to leave the aircraft or the hangar floor. Reduce wasted time in the process and leaving more time for real maintenance.
  2. Turning data into insights: by digitalizing MRO processes you create real data that can be harvested and used to make improvements in processes. You can even predict when maintenance needs to be performed, resulting in less unplanned maintenance and less ground time.
  3. Prediction and automation: When you know what to do and when, prediction and automation can be used to plan and perform basic tasks. (e.g. greasing, Nitrogen refill, oil checks) and gain more time for real maintenance.

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