The fight for aviation-data-platform is beginning

Right from the start of MROair, we have believed data to be the new gold (or the new oil). So far, as an industry, MRO hasn’t been able to embrace the power of data: repetitive mistakes are still being made, the same time is being wasted and knowledge is not being shared widely enough throughout the industry.

But right now you can feel it in the “air”  – the industry is waking up and taking data, and it’s potential, more seriously. Which means there’s a new frontier where a fight has started: who has the best data platform, one that will provide airlines with complete insight, increased knowledge and deliver less delays.

All of this is ignited by the fact that aircraft are producing more and more data, working more like a computer all the time. As humans, soon we’ll not be able to handle, interpret or understand the sheer amount of data available using only our own resource, our brain. We’ll need more data centers, artificial intelligence and machine learning to do the trick for us. It’s predicted that by 2045, the power of a computer chip will be greater than the sum of all human brains on earth.

Now we understand this, we can see why the battle for platforms has begun. In the MRO industry, we need to have an open, transparant platform that connects data streams, aircraft data and other IoT streams such as tools, equipment and parts.

At MROair we understand that we can – and need – to use that data to become smarter. This is why we’ve determined a path within our system that will collect, filter and interpret data to be able to understand its value. From there we can start recognizing patterns,  and that will help us to implement automatic decisions within MRO processes. And for this we aren’t depending on just one platform, but instead will create an open data grid where any source can be connected, used and interpreted.

Some of the larger aviation companies are slowly presenting their own data platforms and hoping to get a piece of the pie in this new “oil” business. Just a few of the ideas that are around that will use data to generate intelligence:

  1. Lufthansa: Aviatar
  2. Airbus: Skywise
  3. Embraer: AHEAD
  4. AMOS: AMOS central
  5. AirFrance/KLM: Prognos

The need for these platforms is clear, and so now we need to focus on a standard data infrastructure, one where every MRO, airline, or software company can add their data and share their expertise to make the industry better.

And how is MROair doing their part? Well, let’s have a coffee together while we explain our view and see how we can add intelligence to your data.

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