A few changes at MROair

It’s been an exciting year for MROair, we’ve seen our product develop even further and had the opportunity to introduce our ideas to many new people in the industry – with some fantastic feedback! As the year closes, we’d like to share a few changes that have been going on behind the scenes recently.

Firstly, our CEO Patrick Morcus has decided to expand his work outside the aviation world, bringing his vast experience in operational change and innovation, and his special brand of energy, to a much wider audience. We’re happy to confirm that he will still have an important role in MROair’s story, providing indispensable advice as a consultant.

Taking Patrick’s place as CEO of MROair is Gerbert Kooij, who is also CEO of our parent company, Zig Websoftware. Gerbert has 15 years experience as CEO and leader of software companies, and we’re excited that he will be taking up the position.  And to ensure that our technology is solid, future proof and connects seamlessly to AMOS, Trax or other systems, we’ve brought in a new team member in the form of Kobbe van Daatselaar as CTO.

Our team is ready to deliver and start implementing MROair’s solution, helping our customers to become paperless and more efficient in the way they carry out their MRO processes.

Together, we’re looking forward seeing MROair fly in 2018!

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